DRS Stairs

Custom Stairs

Homeowners who are considering refurbishing their existing installation or who have plans for a new stair installation often conduct a considerable amount of research before making a final selection. The selection is often narrowed down to two options: DIY, prefabricated staircases or custom staircases, which are conceived and constructed by a professional firm, like DRS... Read More »

Interior Wood Stairs and Rails

When you walk into a beautiful home, the first element you notice is often the staircase. For example, a properly designed and executed wooden spiral staircase can be breathtaking. For our clients, the good news is that you do not have to reside in a mansion to own an exquisite staircase. Careful planning and attention... Read More »

Iron Stair Railings

From the decorative to the functional, iron stair railings serve a number of different purposes. An iron stair railing from DRS Stairs is constructed from wrought iron. Wrought iron is a superior form of iron that utilizes less carbon than other types of iron. This type of iron is rather malleable, which is what enables... Read More »