Iron Stair Railings

Staircase with iron railsFrom the decorative to the functional, iron stair railings serve a number of different purposes. An iron stair railing from DRS Stairs is constructed from wrought iron. Wrought iron is a superior form of iron that utilizes less carbon than other types of iron. This type of iron is rather malleable, which is what enables our superior master craftsmen to fashion into beautiful designs. Because of its flexibility and useful characteristics, this is our material of choice when it comes to forming beautiful iron stair railings.

Wrought Iron Staircase Railings

A number of our clients choose to incorporate wrought iron staircase railings into the design of their stair installation to complement the natural beauty of wood, but it is not uncommon for a client, who desires a more contemporary design, to request that wrought iron be used in conjunction with glass. The ambiance of wrought iron is timeless, and it can imbue your stair installation with the qualities needed to make it a true showstopper.

Iron stair railings are simple to install, and they complement a wide array of different décor styles. Traditionally, wrought iron stair railings have been used for spiral shaped staircases, but we are now seeing them used for a variety of different staircases styles, including straight, L shaped, and curved stairs San Jose. One of the primary advantages to using this type of stair railing is that wrought iron is a material whose appearance only improves with age. The design of one’s iron stair railing may be as simple or ornate as the homeowner prefers.
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Furthermore, wrought iron is quite durable. It is a favorite material of interior designers, including the designers on our in-house team. The classic appeal of these iron stair railings is often thought to encourage creativity among interior designers and homeowners.

The Benefits of Iron Stair Railings

A client who chooses to incorporate iron stair railings into the design of their stair installation will be entitled to enjoy a myriad of different benefits. For example, wrought iron is resistant to a number of different weather conditions, including moisture and humidity. This element makes them ideal for both outdoor and indoor installations.

The number of designs that can be used with wrought iron is endless. The malleability of wrought iron, combined with the expert hands of our craftsmen, can create scrollwork for your stair railings that is both beautiful and functional. In terms of function, wrought iron is quite resistant to vibration and shock. Regardless of how often, or how roughly, your new stair installation is used, wrought iron stair railings can be counted upon to maintain their form for a number of years.

Iron Stair Railings From DRS Stairs

DRS Iron Stair RailingsOur headquarters is situated right in the heart of San Jose. At our modern facilities, we complete each element of your stair installation prior to bringing it into your home for fitting, including your wrought iron stair railings. Although it does require considerable more effort, our method of operation ensures a correct installation the first time around. It minimizes the amount of time that we must spend in your home, and it enables a client to return more quickly to their daily routine.

Whether you are considering remodeling your existing installation with iron stair railings or would like to have a new stair installation installed altogether, please contact us via phone or email today. Our in-house design team is eager and willing to work with homeowners to breathe life into their visions. Since 1989, we have been offering superior craftsmanship at competitive prices, and we would welcome the opportunity to include in you in our family.