Interior Wood Stairs and Rails

Interior Wood Stairs and RailsWhen you walk into a beautiful home, the first element you notice is often the staircase. For example, a properly designed and executed wooden spiral staircase can be breathtaking. For our clients, the good news is that you do not have to reside in a mansion to own an exquisite staircase. Careful planning and attention to detail is required to create a staircase that is an alluring attribute of your home, but there is nothing that surpasses the classic look interior wood stairs and rails provide.

A hardwood stair installation imbues your residence with an element of beauty and charm, even to commercial properties. Furthermore, its durability and mere presence can contribute considerable resale value to your home.

If you are considering remodeling your existing stair installation or replacing it altogether, then you will be delighted to know that there are dozens of different style of stair designs to choose from. At DRS Stairs, we maintain our own in-house team of designers to assist our clients in choosing the perfect masterpiece that will complement both their home and their personal sense of style.

One of the most admired attributes of hardwood stair installations and rails is that they possess the ability to lend themselves to a wide array of different décor styles. Among the options a client can choose from are:

  •   Colonial staircase
  •   Victorian
  •   Straight Run
  •   L Staircase
  •   Double L
  •   U Staircase
  •   Winder Staircases
  •   Spiral Staircase
  •   Traditional
  •   Modern

At DRS Stairs, our master craftsmen can remodel or install any one of these design options, as well as many others. Moreover, we utilize a wide array of staircase related components, such as stain grade wood and paint, exotic types of wood, and a number of different kinds of metal balusters to infuse your stair installation with a design that is one of a kind. For example, dark hardwoods, combined with wrought iron stair railings, have become quite a popular option among our clientele.

Interior Wood Stair

Regardless of whether you are redesigning or remodeling an existing staircase, or installing a new one altogether, the best course of action is to hire qualified professionals to complete the project for you. Installations, remodels, and repairs should be accompanied by experts who are experienced in their field. This is where DRS Stairs can step in to be of assistance. Since 1989, we have been creating customized masterpieces across Northern California.

Interior wood stairs and rails have morphed over the last century to include a plethora of different hardwoods, railing options, and construction techniques. While the initial cost is slightly more expensive than carpeted stairs, a hardwood stair installation will provide a home or commercial residence with a definitive and superbly crafted touch, not to mention an increased resale value. The work of DRS Stairs can be located in commercial structures and homes across Northern California, and we would like to be able to include yours among this number.

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