Custom Stairs

DRS Custom StairsHomeowners who are considering refurbishing their existing installation or who have plans for a new stair installation often conduct a considerable amount of research before making a final selection. The selection is often narrowed down to two options: DIY, prefabricated staircases or custom staircases, which are conceived and constructed by a professional firm, like DRS Stairs. From safety concerns to a lack of selection, there are a number of reasons why prefabricated stairs do not make the grade. This is why DRS’s custom stairs are the right option.

Customization Begins With a Consultation

The first step in your journey to creating the ideal custom stairs will start with a visit from one of our in-house designers. During the initial consultation, a thorough discussion will be held to determine what types of designs you are interested in, and we will discuss the location site and sizing requirements for your stair installation. Measurements will be taken to approximate the height and size of the staircase, and we will survey existing structural supports to decide where additions will need to made.

Most importantly, we will discuss with you what your desires for your staircase are. What is the vision you have in your mind? What purpose do you envision the stairs accomplishing? What are the existing limitations? The consultation is your opportunity to ask numerous questions and for us to address the concerns you might have.

Honing the Fine Details

The next step in this process is to choose the materials that will be used in the construction of your stair installation. While wood remains one of the most traditional options among our clients, other options you can consider using include stainless steel, wrought iron, glass, and different forms of metal. Reclaimed lumber is also a viable option.

The enjoyable phase of the design process is honing the fine details. What forms of architectural elements do you want included the design? The list of available options includes wreathed volutes, balusters, and recessed panels, among others. One popular combination is wood and wrought iron stair railings. When choosing the type of wood, if any, that will be incorporated into the design of your stair installation, the wood grain and coloring are two important elements that must be considered.

What you can rely upon is the fact that each functional and decorative element of your staircase will be hand selected by our professional designers and master craftsmen to create an impressive finished look.

Bringing It to Life

DRS Custom StairsOnce the fine details of your staircase have been ironed out, the hard work (for us) begins. At our modern facility, located in the heart of San Jose, is where the magic begins. Each client’s project is completed, in our workshop, prior to installation to ensure a proper fit the first time. Our unique method of craftsmanship minimizes the amount of time we must spend in your home, which enables you to return to your normal routine quickly.

The professional members of our in-house design team possess a number of years of experience in each of their respective fields. Their experience ensures that the unique requirements of each project are lavished with the consideration and care required. We recognize that no two stair installations, systems, or designs are alike.

From the initial selection of materials to determining the exact height specifications required for your installation, our master craftsmen optimize each element of the process to ensure the finished product is beautiful and functional. Each staircase is conceptualized and constructed in our modern facilities in San Jose. Because the project is completed prior to installation, it ensures a correct fit the first time. Let DRS Stairs breathe life into your vision!