Curved Stairs

DRS Curved StairsWhether the design of your curved stair installation is simple or complex, supported by walls or wholly freestanding, curved stairs by DRS Stairs are guaranteed to be eye-catching. Curved designs for staircases are elegant and distinctive, and one will contribute to the overall splendor of your home. Each stair installation we perform is constructed prior to installation in a controlled environment in our modern facilities in San Jose, quality checked by our master craftsmen, and fashioned to exacting standards.

The Benefits of Curved Stairs from DRS Stairs

Just a handful of the benefits our curved stair designs have to offer include:

  • Precision – Regardless of the width and height of your curved stair installation, or how complex the handrail system may be, we will employ the use of the most recent CAD software for its design. We will know precisely how the installation will fit in your home before a single board is measured or cut.
  • Technology – At DRS Stairs, we have bid adieu to the old fashioned processing methods. We now employ the use of CNC routers, on both 3 and 5 axis, as well as a CNC lathe, to produce precise, clean appearances, regardless of the complexity of your design.
  • Perfect Fit – As aforementioned, each component of your curved stair installation is handcrafted in our state of the art facilities prior to installation, including balusters, handrails, and newels, to ensure a proper fit upon arrival at your home. This minimizes the amount of time that we must spend in your home, enabling you to return to your daily routine quickly.
  • Confidence – Each curved staircase we conceive and construct is built to adhere to the standard building codes, as specified by the client and local regulations. This ensures that your stair installation will provide faultless form and function for many years to come.

Would you like to create a one of a kind masterpiece for your home? We maintain our own in-house design team, who works closely in conjunction with each to bring their vision to life. If you have already engaged the services of an architect or contractor, then we are more than willing to work with them as well on the design of your curved stair.

Curved Stairs & Specialty Metals

The natural grace of curved stair design is enhanced by the addition of the right accents, like wrought iron stair railings, balusters, and newels. At DRS Stairs, we possess the expertise to seamlessly integrate any type of specialty metal into our established turnkey projects. Our years of experience, Metals Curved Stairscombined with our use of cutting edge CAD/CAM technology, enables us to produce that are guaranteed to surpass the homeowner’s expectations in terms of functionality and quality.

A handful of the specialty metal options a homeowner will have to choose from include steel, iron stair railings, copper, bronze, brass, and mixed metals.

Regardless of which option a client elects, our metal stair railings, newels, and balusters are crafted and milled from the finest metals to ensure their durability. Our comprehensive selection of handrail fittings enables a client to achieve the curved stair design they have envisioned.

Whether the handrail system one chooses requires post to post or over the post styles, our master craftsmen possess the knowledge required to accommodate the alterations and changes in pitch that your curved stair installation requires.

At DRS Stairs, we have been creating custom curved stairs since 1989. Our success is directly attributed to the fact that we listen to our clients and employ every method available to be a valuable asset to them. Please take a moment to visit our gallery to view dozens of finished curved stair designs of all different sizes and price ranges. Afterwards, please give us a call at 408.297.4327 to schedule a consultation for your home.